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The affirmation that I think about most often is

I am healthy, wealthy and successful

I am healthy, wealthy and successful

I am healthy, wealthy and successful

What a powerful message!  What makes this statement so powerful is that when I say it I feel like I’m already wealthy.  In sales you’ve got to have the ability to step back from a deal.  If the proposal isn’t right or if the money isn’t exactly what you need it to be then you’ve got to be able to say no.

Early in my sales career I had a really hard time saying no.  I was bending over backwards for clients.  I doing a lot more work then I was getting paid for.  I was getting the run around.  I knew that things needed to shift in my life.  I dove into a training that focused on mindset.  One of the biggest things that worked for me was affirmations.  I would say affirmation after affirmation until my mind believed it.  I remember one day when everything changed.  I took one of my clients that was making me $200 a month and fired him.  I got a new client that was paying $1000 a month for the same service.

Those affirmations paid off.  Lisa Nichols uses affirmations too.  Check out her video:


Recently I had been meeting with one of my good friends.  I explained to him the power of affirmations.  Turns out that he uses them already!  He’s a very successful Garden Designer and spends his time working with homeowners on their landscape.  He helps them achieve the impossible.  He let me know that it wasn’t always easy, but it definitely helped him grow as a professional.

My challenge to you is:

Use affirmations in the shower for the next week.  You’ll see the difference.


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